Florida Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justices

More than 80 women and men have served as Justices of Florida highest Court since it was created upon statehood in 1845 and held its first arguments in 1846.

Supreme Court History
The Florida Supreme Court has existed for more than 150 years, spanning two vastly different eras — the time in 1845 when Florida was the least populous Southern state, and today when Florida’s population ranks fourth nationwide. Read about the History of Florida Law and the History of the Florida Supreme Court.

State Courts System

The Florida Supreme Court not only is the highest court in Florida, its Chief Justice oversees the entire State Courts System. This includes many management functions centralized in Tallahassee in the Office of the State Courts Administrator, and regulation of The Florida Bar.
Supreme Court Seal
Every court has a seal to mark its documents as official acts of the Judges or Justices. But the Seal of the Supreme Court of Florida is so old — dating to some time before 1845 — that no records remain to explain its exact meaning.

Portrait Gallery
Take an on-line historical tour of the lives and times of former Supreme Court Justices. They are a colorful group that included a former nun, a real-life Florida cowboy, and a duellist.

Departments of the Court

* Clerk’s Office
* Law Library
* Marshal’s Office
* Office of Inspector General
* Office of Public Information

Architecture of the Supreme Court Building
The Supreme Court of Florida is housed in one of the most historically significant buildings in the state capital, with architecture inspired by Thomas Jefferson.

Art in the Court
A large collection of art is displayed in the Supreme Court Building, supplemented by a new program to bring Florida visual and performing artists in for regular exhibitions and performances.

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