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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body charged with the governance functions of the Domain Name System (DNS) has authorized a new domain – .MOBI.


This new domain will be for websites that provide content for cell phones and other handheld devices.  Soon it is envisioned that one will be able to order pizza on the go using their cell phone by looking up a web address of a pizza restaurant and ordering directly on the website or calling the restaurant on the phone.


Websites under the .MOBI name will be cell phone and pda specific, eliminating unnecessary content and graphics which are not compatible with cell phones, making searching the Internet by phone easier. Endless other Internet activities performed by phone should follow.


The .MOBI domain was introduced and went through a “sun rise” period allowing trademark owners priority in the registration of their marks as domains.  Further, .MOBI will be governed by the same ICANN features as a valid dispute resolution mechanism, and an appropriate WHOIS function.




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